Just last week Ubuntu Team announces 17.10 release which support for next nine months. Many of Ubuntu Users already upgraded. I also upgraded on 17.10, later find some issues in performance so revert back to 16.04.3 version and start waiting for next Ubuntu LTS (Long term Support) release, So now it’s declared that team will launch Ubuntu 18.04 LTS in April next year.

Canonical Ltd CEO’s Mark Richard Shuttleworth announces release date of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on his personal website on 24 Oct and also officially updated on Canonical Release website in future section.


Beaver is large nocturnal rodent and Bionics is term used to define study of various biological methods found in nature to design engineering systems and modern technology.


As per Richard blog Ubuntu 18.04 would have Openstack, Kubernates , Hadoop, Unity7 for the newest X and kernel graphics in 18.04.


He stated in his article “Beavering away at the brilliantly bionic 18.04 LTS

For those of you with bimodal inclinations, there’s the official upstream Kubernetes-on-Ubuntu spell for ‘conjure-up kubernetes’ with bijou multi-cloud goodness. We also have spells for OpenStack on Ubuntu and Hadoop on Ubuntu, so conjure-up is your one-stop magic shop for at-scale boffo big data, cloud and containers. Working with upstreams to enable fast deployment and operations of their stuff on all the clouds is a beamish way to spend the day.

If your thing is bling, pick a desktop! We’ve defaulted to GNOME, but we’re the space where KDE and GNOME and MATE and many others come together to give users real and easy choice of desktops. And if you’re feeling boned by the lack of Unity in open source, you might want to hop onto the channel and join those who are updating Unity7 for the newest X and kernel graphics in 18.04.

I hope this version will also have nice features and great performance as earlier Ubuntu LTS version has. Till it release keep waiting and exploring Lunux / Unix/ Ubuntu Skills with Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS version.