Recently i need to download Ubuntu Desktop for some new machine. While checking Ubuntu website for download ubuntu 17.10 Desktop, I found that Ubuntu 17.10 no longer recommended for download due to a BIOS issue on certain laptops. Such information is notified through Developer‎: ‎Canonical Ltd.

They recommended to download 16.04.3 Desktop version as of now and they will soon provide 17.10 and will be available for download again on their website.

Affected Machines:

There are various devices get affected because of this issues, I hope complete list is provide over Bug page

As per Bug page description of bug is:-
An update to linux kernel on Ubuntu 17.10 that enabled the Intel SPI drivers results in a serial flash that is read only in Intel Broadwell and Haswell machines with serial flashes with SPI_NOR_HAS_LOCK set.


As per bug below are symptoms of this issue
* BIOS settings cannot be saved
* USB Boot impossible
* EFI entries read-only.

Fix and Repair

Fix and repair steps are also included in bug Page. in case anyone facing same issue which were already installed or need to install Ubuntu 17.10 on any one affected hardware, please follow Bug Page,which possibly could help them.