ometime i really get bore doing various things on Linux/Unix Operating system for Blogs/office work and can’t even move to another window because of some dynamic work that continually running on many screens or PuTTy. That time i really miss easy old games in Linux terminal, that could easily provide interface over PuTTy/Linux/Unix terminal.

Here i found old Tetris game, which i played a lot in my childhood that could also easily manageable on terminals. Here it named bastet, which could easily installed on Linux/Unix Machines.

So let’s see how we could install bastet on Unix/Linux Machine to play game Tetris.

Explanation of bastet Game over its Home page






“For people who enjoy swearing at their computer, Bastet (short for Bast**d Tetris) is an attractive alternative to Microsoft Word.” (taken from

Have you ever thought that Tetris is evil because it never sends you that straight “I” brick you need to clear four rows? Well, Tetris(R) probably is not so malevolent, but Bastet certainly is. >:->
Bastet stands for “bast**d tetris”, and is a simple ncurses-based Tetris(R) clone for Linux. Instead of choosing the next block randomly, this fiendish program uses a special algorithm to give you the worst possible brick. Playing Bastet can be a very frustrating experience! *


We are installing bastet on Ubuntu 16.04.3 Machine latest as of now.

# lsb_release -d
Description: Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS

# uname -ri
4.4.0-109-generic x86_64

Installation of Bastet

Installation of bastet is quit easy on Ubuntu mentioned in below commands.

# apt-get install bastet

Once you installed it. Run bastet will appear tetris windows for Game level, which allow you to play it. Keys are quit simple like arrow keys for down,left,right and up key for change available dimensions.












I hope this keep your interest live on Linux/Unix on those times when you get bore while doing repeated office work.