Now days we have plenty of applications and Tools using PHP as front-end to design Web user interface.
Over cross of time PHP has plenty of different modules that support wide variety of features through Web-interface, because of same reasons it also one of most used language used to design User-interfaces on internet.
It also can interact various other protocols to support its application on wide range support to remove any dependence on other language and tools.
Its easy to install, use and configure on Linux/Unix machines (also support for windows as well).

We can install these features and dependencies in form of modules like python.Many of them bundle with common packages, but some could include later with package installations.

PHP Modules

Sometime while configuring these application we need to know supported modules or compiled modules in installed PHP.
In this case PHP is providing one command that could resolve this issues through command line like below.

# php -m 

All compiled modules from PHP will show on command line output through below way.

php -m | egrep "sql|socket|ldap|refli"

In Above command i was trying to see some particular modules that were supported on Machine with PHP.
In above command using grep command to search string in output