When we are working physically away from Linux systems and need to work on its graphical desktop with putty. Most of us use software that need license and need to export display with your IP address on Putty, one of these software is Xmanager used widely through Linux administrator community. These softwares are not easy to use because of license and need to export correctly. But there is OpenSource software Xming, which is easy to use no need of doing any export on putty and will able to do same thing.
Download Installation and working Detail information can view on this URL
After installation it can used in two ways and same two tools are provided by Xming. One is Xming Server and another is Xlunch.
 First we see how we can use this with Xming Server. We can open Xming Server from start button and then it will open in notification bar.
You can see, it in notification bar.

 Now you can see it’s already exported display. Now open putty console and change minor putty settings.

Second way to open Linux graphical Interface with Xming, is Xlaunch. It is interface through which you need not to edit Putty settings and even no need to open PuTTY as well.