Sometime in Linux NIS setup, we feel while changing password following error comes. This error mainly comes in new setup and others which mainly have some change in network settings.
Let we try to troubleshoot these error.
Here, in my case I have created same kind of setup for giving exactly same error and we will go step by step to find out the real reason behind this.
We have server srv110 as NIS Server and srv101 as NIS client.
When n1 user login on srv101 machine and try to change his password with yppasswd command, prompt for this error.
[n1@srv101 ~]$ yppasswd
yppasswd: yppasswdd not running on NIS master host (“srv110”).
This error shows like yppasswd daemon is not running on NIS Domain Server.

So first try to check NIS Domain Server for yppasswdd service
[root@srv110 ~]# rpcinfo -u localhost yppasswdd
program 100009 version 1 ready and waiting


Second reason might be because of when NIS users try to change their password from yppasswd command. It will try to communicate through NIS domain server through Hostname. So we just need to resolve NIS domain server hostname from NIS Clients. Like in my case I did this to resolve this issue