Perl is loosely typed language which has no specific type of Data type for nay variables, it will interpret value as per data provided in variable.

Perl has three very basic type of data type if we like to divide it on broader manner, these are :-

Scalar :- These are most simple one, use to define with dollor ($) sign. It could number or string. So actually it define a lot. Number could any type of number like int, float, long etc.

Arrays :- These are list managed in order that we could access on request as per index value in Array position. Index value is start with 0 as any computer language always do. They are defined with at (@) sign in variable assignment.

Hashes :- These are also sort of list with key/value pairs in unordered arrangement. Keys used to access value in hashes and defined them with % sign.

We will further see various examples of these data types in coming posts.