Geekpills is an online community for technical discussion , news and information in form of post on various fields in computers. i am trying to write topics with my best of knowledge and test complete configuration in our lab setup.

Our main focus on Unix/Linux technologies with its HowTo, tips, troubleshooting,configurations,experience,information etc. But we are continually writing on some other technologies as well like Database, Motoring, Virtualisation, Windows, Security, Hosting, Backup, Cloud Computing, scripting etc.

My Aim is quite simple through which i could able to able help and share information with others and in return monetize this website, which could in return boost this community for further help others world wide.

I request to all my readers to contribute and help me suggest ideas and their writings on their topics that could tribute to Geekpills Community’s future. Here I must say this is just an start of this community and i hope with our readers support Geekpills community would have healthy growth.

Geekpills welcome any helps in terms of funds and contribution through articles that we could publish on geekpills community.

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My name is Sukrant Sirohi, I am living in London, UK. Working as Unix/Linux admin from last 14 years and seasoned Linux trainer. I started this community for sharing my experience with IT professionals that could help someone. I tried my best to write everything after testing things twice thrice on test setup, but still after all human could be wrong somewhere, so please correct me.

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