Many of us using Oracle VirtualBox for virtualization in our desktop machine for various purpose. I was using VirtualBox version 4.3 in Windows7 laptop has problem of BlueDump because of VBoxNetFlt.sys while hibernating Host Machine or Shutting down Guest Machine.

While searching some solution, I found that newer version has recovered this problem. So I updated my Oracle VirtualBox. But after updating found another problem regarding “Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack” is installed is (VERR_NOT_FOUND)”. While seeing error message it defined that it is because of USB 2.0 controller driver

Implementation of the USB 2.0 controller not found

For this problem we have to install VirtualBox Extension Pack that we could download from Download page of VirtualBox website.













Above Image shows what I found while facing this problem













We could verify this problem in VirtualMachine Setting as well












Download this Extension pack from above mention website Download page.










Installation of this pack will upgrade VirtualBox