We all know about Google. As we know Google is one of most leading company in IT world. But how many of we know about Google Cloud.

Today in this post we will talk about Google Cloud platform. For this we just need to login with our google account and open Google cloud platform page.













This suits provide cloud computing such as Google Search and YouTube. As like Google other product, it also provide wide range functions and features.

It provide various Product.

1. Compute
2. Storage and Database
3. Networking
4. BigData
5. Developer Tools
6. Management Tools
7. Machine Learning

This is not only, There are various sub-products inside this… Truly here as well google has wide range of product which could benefit customer a lot.

At time of this writing, Google providing Cloud Platform with a $300 free trial. So it’s chance to experience.

Let’s take an example for same.

Open Compute product of Google Cloud platform and create instance like below.

We can manage all important things from here menu provided on right hand side.

Once all required setting provided, we can click on create to create Virtual private server on Google infrastructure for your own use.