Zabbix is Open Source cross platform Monitoring Tool, which provide fairly good features for various platforms.


Zabbix is absolutely free product and release under the GPL license, thus it is free for any commercial and non-commercial use. There is no limitation, can monitor as many devices as possible. Code is freely available and can be customized for any integration and can change as per requirement.

Zabbix architecture

Zabbix server collect data from various hosts and store it database server. Zabbix server can installed various Linux machines. Linux/Unix/Solaris/Aix/Debian/Ubuntu etc. usually MySQL is used as database server.

Zabbix application works with three daemons

  1. Zabbxix Server: – this is main centralized server, running zabbix daemon, which can able to collect data from various hosts through various ways like SNMP, zabbix agents, SSH, IPMI, HTTP and JMX etc. This Zabbix contains one apache instance which hosts a frontend, through various administration and view only task can be done. This machine also has access on database servers, which store every monitoring data that can be used to see device details in future.
  2. Zabbix proxy :- This daemon is used to collect data from its Zone and send to centralized Zabbix server, where we can able to see graphs on basis data collected from zabbix proxy. Zabbix proxy itself have its own database, But this database is really small.
  3. Zabbix agentd: – This daemon is used to collect data from a particular Oss. This application is available for most of Linux and Windows.


Zabbix has possibility to gather huge amount of data from network for monitoring. It is real time monitoring for thousands of devices. These all devices can monitored along with storing same data in database for future purpose, various visualized features are also available maps, graphs, screens etc. enough flexible that we can do various changes for analysing data.

It offers good performance for data gathering on network even from a large network. Various distributed monitoring options available with zabbix (zabbix server and zabbix proxy)


Zabbix Features

  1. Zabbix have centralized web interface.
  2. Zabbix server can run on most Unix Operating system.
  3. Zabbix agents available for almost every Unix and Microsoft Operating system.
  4. It can easily integrate with many other systems.
  5. It can monitored via SNMP (v1, v2, and v3), IPMI, JMX, ODBC, and SSH.
  6. Can monitor VMWare setup effectively.
  7. Easily customized, open source code.
  8. Provide flexibility to create custom scripts, items, graphs etc.

There is so much improvements in zabbix in every new version. you can refer for every information related to Zabbix